My experience as a 2nd shooter

On August 14th of 2021, I had the honor to assist Elizabeth Zimmerman of Western Rose Studios as a second shooter for this beautiful wedding at the Oregon Coast. I was honestly a nervous wreck, as it was my first time assisting a wedding photographer. The experience was definitely one of a kind, here is why.

For 15 years I worked towards my dream of becoming a photographer. I knew that it was going to take a lot of work. I did my research and learned the basics of both digital and film photography before honing my skills enough to start my business. In April of 2021, I officially registered my photography business in the state of Oregon. My plan was to continue to learn and develop my style and brand for the next 4-5 years before starting weddings, that changed the day I assisted Western Rose Studios. I am grateful for that experience because it pushed me to go beyond my comfort zone, on September 25th of 2021, I photographed my first micro wedding.

Chase your dreams and go beyond your comfort zone; it might get a bit nerve wrecking and rocky but at the end it will be such an amazing feeling because you went for it and accomplished one thing from your checklist.